April 22, 2005

Spring Break Trip: Our traveling companions

Eric, Chase, and Judy Holdener at the Catwalks outside of Silver City, New Mexico.

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March 30, 2005

Spring Break Trip: Another surprise

We found lush greenery in the most unlikely places.

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March 29, 2005

Spring Break Trip: Along the trail in our desert

We had a fantastic spring break in New Mexico with Judy, Eric, and Chase Holdener! We visited with our families, saw lots of friends, and visited all sorts of new and interesting places.

I took over 300 pictures last week, so expect lots of pictures from our trip coming your way!

This photograph is from a walk that David and I took with his parents' dogs Ursa and Oso (both meaning "bear"); they loved running around without leashes on and chasing birds and peeing absolutely everywhere. We loved being home in our desert. The yucca front and center is taller than I am. There was a strong breeze and clouds kept blowing in. The mucky water behind the yucca was a surprise for us as well as the dogs (who proceeded to take big drinks and get all muddy). That's one thing I love about the desert: surprises everywhere you turn!

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