February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day Special

David made me the most heavenly dessert for Valentine's Day! YUM! He also surprised me by filling the house with beautiful tulips and cooking a gourmet meal (tuna encrusted with sesame seeds and garnished with wasabi and pickled ginger)! It was a lovely, incredibly special day.

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December 15, 2004

Pink and white contrast

I am so excited about the start of grapefruit season!

I love the citrus smell and the bright pink, white, and orange contrast between the different parts.

I adore peeling the fruits. Pulling off the thick outside skin, exposing the white fleshy membranes. I like the way the fruit feels heavy in my hands. I like the bits of citrus that fly up and surprise me.

I enjoy devouring the fruit, but being careful to eat just the flesh between the membranes.


Many thanks to Grandma for the edible Hanukah presents!

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