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Photo on left: Laura and Grandma, Photo on right: Grandma, Uncle Mike and Tanta Sherry

Sorry for the lack of updates!

My grandmother is doing much better---speedily recovering from surgery and back at home. Mom and Dad are still out with her on Long Island.

Laura is heading back to Kenyon for her junior (!) year at the end of the week, so Dad will be heading back to New Jersey soon to help her get ready and drive with her (two Saabs in tandem) back to Ohio just in time for the start of fall term.

I am still working long hours (and weekends!) finishing up a big project due at the end of next week. It's challenging and interesting and I am really enjoying myself despite the perpetual exhaustion.

The fall semester at University of Colorado began yesterday. David is only taking one class this semester, so he can focus more fully on his research. I need to order him some wedding pictures to decorate his office up in the engineering building.

We are counting down to our honeymoon: we leave for beautiful Baja California in a little over the month! I am so ready for pina coladas on the beach.