Vows and Rings

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In accordance with Colorado Law, David and I married ourselves. There were no "I Do's" in our wedding ceremony, no traditional phrases at all. We wrote our vows together and recited them each in turn. It was moving and exhilarating and emotional and very, very us. Enjoy!

    Exchange of Vows

    I love being your best friend and companion, your partner in life. I promise to love and respect you; to stand by you, and be faithful; to be open and honest; and to always nurture and strengthen the love between us. Today I choose to walk this path with you always. May our home be filled with love, peace, learning, and laughter. This is my vow to you. Let this be a marriage of equals.

    Exchange of Rings

    As this ring encircles your finger from this day forward, year in and year out, so will my love forever encircle you.


Congratulations! You look so happy in this photo, and your vows are beautiful!

I love that you put 'learning' in your vows. A good Jewish sentiment, that. Life is a journey and marriage is no less a learning process (not that I know what I'm talking about).

Such wonderful vows! I'm so happy for you!

Congratulations, Carrie! Sorry I'm so late. This is a wonderful photo, and you both look jubilant!