Stop light

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Just before sunset driving around Boulder... taken before the big snow storm yesterday. Pictures of that to come.

Sorry for the infrequent updates! Lots has been going on in the Spritzer Leyba house: school, work, wedding planning, working out, hanging out, reading! Less time for the internet and picture taking. Besides, I'd rather post a few quality photos a week than a photograph every day. I hope you agree... Thanks for your patience! And thanks for your wonderful comments!


Oh well, in that case, just give us your RSS feed :)

Stop! In the name of love...

I, for one, am glad to read updates any time the spirit moves you to update. I can certainly relate to spending more time reading than on the computer!

Would you believe I'm getting ready to go to New Jersey again? =)


Zishaan: About that RSS feed... it's on my to do list! I'll let you know what I get around to setting it up!

Matt: I can't believe it! I swear you make it to NJ more often than I do! Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy the family time! We're heading down to NM soon... Very excited for a vacation!

The sky is amazing in his picture :) thanks