First sign of spring

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Here in Boulder it's been in the 60s and sunny. Here is a reminder that spring is around the corner. (Boy, these buds could be fooled; I predict we'll have at least one more snow storm!)


I needed this reminder - here in England we battled ice and snow most of the day. Lovely shot. :)

Here it's been unusually warm and sunny for weeks. They say the mountains have had the lowest snowfall on record. We are almost sure to have water problems this summer.

But on the plus side, the crocus, hyacinths, and daffodils are all blooming already! I love daffodils! And tulips are just around the corner. My plum tree is in full bloom now, too.

Is that a plum tree? We have those here, too--so lovely! Nice close-up!

Such a wonderfully three-dimensional picture! The flowers have been going crazy here the last week or so. California spring always seems to come a bit earlier than you expect it, even when you've been here for seven years.

That's a nice shot. I like the soft focus and the color. Yes, and of course I like just about anything that reminds me of warm weather right now.

I think it actually hit 70 here today... strange because it snowed last week and is supposed to be in the 20s and 30s later this week. Crazy DC weather! I'm sure looking forward to spending more time outside when spring decides it's here to stay!

Thanks so much! I am not sure if it's a plum tree. Might be. I'll know soon. It's across the street from our house... Actually, there are a series of soon-to-be-blooming trees. I'll have to get a wide angle shot once they're all in full bloom. :)

Love all the comments! Thanks for posting, mates!