Natal Day

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Today's my 25th Birthday!


Happy quarter-century birthday!

What a beautiful photo.

Happy Birthday! And what a gorgeous picture!

My goodness! Happy quarter-century! This is a big--important--birthday.

happy happy birthday! (:

Happy Birthday!

What a beautiful photo!

Happy Birthday!
And Happy Chinese New Year! (It will be the year of the rooster on the 9th)

Thank you all! I had a wonderful birthday! David and I had a special dinner, complete with pina coladas and strawberry shortcake (my favorites!). Of course, in Carrie style, the celebration continues this evening with happy hour at one of my favorite wine bars in Boulder where we're meeting friends... Pictures coming soon! :)

Happy birthday! Wonderful read leaf, and the veins are great.

happy belated birthday! beautiful photo! :)

Once again, Happy (belated) birthday!
Lovely photo--just like you! :) Am I cheese or what?!