Bottle wall IV

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A view of the bottle wall from inside the house.

Other photos of the bottle wall: lots of bottles, straight on view, another from the side.


Even though the colors are spectacular on the previous two posts, I like this one in B& allows us to get a better feel for the texture and tonality of this incredible wall.

You know, I think all these photos are beautiful, as photos, but with these, and the one of the driftwood, I was left hoping for more of an overall shot of the house. What's it look like? What's it shaped like? How do the bottles fit into the overall sceme? What's it like inside? They're pretty pictures, but they're not telling the story I'm wanting to read, in this case. If that makes any sense. I see these detail shots a few pages into the book, after I've the bigger shots, and maybe even a plan drawing of the house.

But feel free to ignore me. If your point is to make pretty pictures, you're succeeding wonderfully.

Thanks, Matt!

Nikki: Point well taken. I have a few more broad pictures that I will put online soon... and I'll be sure to provide more description too!