Snowy vista

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A snow covered, misty mountain view from our office.


I love all the snowy pictures! It has been too warm here for January, and I want it to snow; seeing your photos makes me jealous!

This is the view from your OFFICE????? That's it! I need a new job! :) Breathtaking photo, perfect exposure. Nice work!

Fantastic! Where is this? It looks familiar.

Thanks, all! This photo was taken west of Denver along I-70 at the Genesee Park exit. And, yes, that really is the view from my office suite. Specifically, I took the photo hanging out of the window in my boss' office. The view from my room is gorgeous, but not that gorgeous. :)

Amazing picture -> I really like it!

Holy cats. I'd like a print of this. :)

Hmmm... Geoff, you are giving me some new ideas! Perhaps I should add a print section to the site???

This is fantastic!