Snow IV (Snow Clothes)

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A tree shows off her snazzy snowy outfit.


This is really cool! I love that you can see the structure of the tree branches, but they are heavily covered with snow on the other side. The blue sky behind the tree makes the branches really stand out. Very pretty.

Okay, after seeing your pictures, I think I'm going to stick with the Digital Rebel. Not sure yet. Come to my site and tell me what you have found out ;)

This looks absolutely surreal. Did you touch it up or anything? A truly awesome picture.

Beautiful details against an effective backdrop. Well done.

Thanks, all!

Beth: I adjusted the contrast a little bit so that the photo actually matched what the tree looks like. I've been taking more and more manual photos with my camera (for example, this one) and haven't quite remastered all the shutter speed/f-stop stuff. After all, it's been about 8 years since I last took all manual pictures with film. I've really been enjoying relearning all this stuff!

gorgeous image! looks like a beautiful day!