Away from Denver

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On the other side of the hill... Looking westward away from Denver.


FYI, i get a blank page when i try to see the "previous" entries in Safari.

Otherwise, this is so great (:

I also have the same experience, and am also using Safari. In this shot I like how there is a trace of snow in the foreground, middle, and in the distant background in the mountains. The clouds tell of more snow to come.

Thanks for letting me know. It also doesn't work with Internet Explorer. I'm working on it and will keep you posted... Please try viewing my page with Netscape or Mozilla.

Hi Carrie! Boy, I cannot wait to send this as a postcard! (Saw your comment about this option to come at the bottom! great idea!)


Now you should be able to view the category pages (via the new archives link, above) using Internet Explorer (sorry, I haven't checked Safari). I am working on the individual pages... Hopefully they will be more browser compatible by the end of this weekend!

Thank you for your patience!


I love the new camera.

USe Mozilla



Yeah, everyone: USE MOZILLA! You can't argue with Dad.