Date night

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David and I dined at the Rio last night; we drank 3-shot margaritas and enjoyed the southwestern holiday decor.

Despite having a great time and enjoying the food, we are counting down to eating real Mexican-style food next week in New Mexico.


Hi David!!! Uh-oh, this photo has the same number (17) as the one after/before? it, Cees.

BTW, I love the way the numbers fade into the surrounding type. The lines of your new photo blog are so clean, and crisp - I really like it! And of course, blue is my favorite color!

Congratulations David on finishing the term! Bravo!!!


The 17 refers to the date--December 17th!

Thanks so much! I'm enjoying having a new, fun project and it's so great sharing it with others! xoxo

Yes! We (David especially) are so glad that the term is over. Just a few weeks more and his prelim exam will be over too... Fingers crossed!

Love, C