Fall flowers

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Outside of my office window: dried flowers, standing proud amidst the snow.


This is really great! The offcenter focus accentuates the idea of the plant/flower/whatever being out of place in the snow.. nice shot!

Very peaceful. Like the orange too. gave me a chill :)

Beautiful sparse composition.. love the sharp focus of the orange... nice work! :)

I love the new site, C – the minimalist design is absolutely stunning and the perfect frame for your beautiful photography. It makes me want to get out there with my own Rebel now and play catch-up! :) I'm looking forward to having this on my 'daily clicks' list.

Thank you for all of your wonderfully supportive and kind comments!

Previously, I've primarily been involved with portrait photography and have only recently moved into taking more nature/still/life/landscape photographs. Looking forward to taking lots more!

this is a great picture, like a number of your nature shots. i like the simplicity a lot.