Pink and white contrast

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I am so excited about the start of grapefruit season!

I love the citrus smell and the bright pink, white, and orange contrast between the different parts.

I adore peeling the fruits. Pulling off the thick outside skin, exposing the white fleshy membranes. I like the way the fruit feels heavy in my hands. I like the bits of citrus that fly up and surprise me.

I enjoy devouring the fruit, but being careful to eat just the flesh between the membranes.


Many thanks to Grandma for the edible Hanukah presents!


Yay! It was so fun to peel grapefruit with you a few weeks ago! I really need to call you soon!

It was a nice end to a great day. I loved seeing you! And having a grapefruit--what a perk! :) Can't wait to chat soon.

I never knew a grapefruit could look so sensuous! It looks like a flower, full of nourishment~


I'm more of a clementine girl myself, but it looks gorgeous.

Clementines! YUM! We've been eating lots of them too. Look for a photo of Chase eating (actually, sharing) a clementine soon.